If you are a photography beginner, then you are not familiar with the panoramic expression head. But, this tool allows you to manipulate your camera, to make the best panoramic photos. The best place to set up your nodal point is above the rotary axis, but that’s not possible without this unique head.


Nowadays, there are a lot of manufacturers on the market, and you can choose between various price point. But, that doesn’t guarantee you quality and excellent performance. So, we are going to help you determine the best tripod head for your camera.

One-range panorama with light equipment

If your camera and lenses aren’t too heavy, then almost any head will match your needs, regardless of the price and model. For light equipment, we recommend three spherical panoramic heads, which provides you with full freedom, without any technical limitations.

You can choose between:

  • Bushman Panoramic Gobi – this one is more compact and lighter
  • New Nodal Ninja 3 Mark III – an excellent balance between weight and stability
  • Nodal Ninja 6 – robust, but stable
  • One-range panorama with heavy equipment

If you own a heavy and bulky camera, then your choice is limited. To avoid extensive overhangs, you will avoid almost all spherical heads, with a couple of expectations listed below. It is one thing to set up your equipment on your head at home, but it’s a completely different thing when you have to use it in the field.

  • Manfrotto 303 or 303PLUS – cylindrical, the 303 Plus model has one significant drawback, it can’t be disassembled.
  • Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1/M2 – spherical, it will handle your heavy equipment with perfection and allow you to take pictures even in multi-range.
  • Cambo CLH 500 – spherical, it has a couple of limitations, but, it’s still excellent.

Multi-range panorama with rather light equipment

Like we mentioned before, people who have light equipment can choose between various manufacturers and almost any head will match their camera. The light equipment features spherical panoramic heads, and you get an excellent value for that price range.

  • Bushman Panoramic Kalahari V2 – it is more compact and lighter.
  • Nodal Ninja 6 – not so light, but above all very stable.
  • Multi-range panorama with heavy equipment

If your camera and lenses are too robust and you want to take multi-range panoramas, then you are left with a couple of options. In this case, you require a string head, but also long enough stages to set up the entrance pupil of your lenses.

maxresdefault (1)

In this case, you can choose between three spherical panoramic heads, which offer excellent performance and impeccable quality.

Cambo CLH 500 – a bit limited, but still amazing.

Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1 and Ultimate M2 – these two have closely similar features, they are more stable and with longer stages. Many experts recommend them over Manfrotto, stating they are better manufactured.

This is our selection of tripod heads, now you aren’t limited only to one manufacturer, but you can choose the model based on your preferences.

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