Let’s talk about Model Release Forms

Not very exciting, but very important if you’re going to be taking photos of others. These are some sensitive subjects which can lead to strenuous, expensive, and unnecessary legal battles. In all of these cases, it is better to be safe than sorry. The good thing is that it is very transparent and easy to obtain a Release form. Therefore, you can get protection easily.


First and foremost, any signed Release is better than no signed Release at all.
If your subject has signed a Release acknowledging that you have the right to use the photos you have taken of them, then you’re pretty much covered and legal.
There are no set rules as to when you do or don’t need a model release, but it’s important you protect yourself and your work legally. If you’re going to sell or use an image of a for commercial purpose, you need to use a Model Release Form. It shows that you have permission to use the images, and that the subject has willingly handed over the usage rights to the photographer.

We have provided one for you to use freely below.

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