Welcome to our Digital Landscape Photography Guide.

Since the introduction of the Camera in 1888 photographers have remained naturally drawn to photographing the landscapes around them. This trend is still firmly rooted in the approach of today’s amateur and professional photographer alike.Sunburst-Sunrise

Digital Landscape Photography is a broad and varied subject matter, with a huge spectrum of possible interest areas and approaches. Every photographer has their own unique approach to the subject. The best way to discern an artistic style is through looking at the photographer’s landscape works. This way you can easily spot their aesthetic inclinations. This is why it is crucial for every professional to develop their own authentic style. You may have seen the work of Landscape Photographers solely interested in shooting ‘urban’ scenes, images of city life, construction or degradation.


Or those who enjoy an alternative approach, experimenting with color manipulation, infrared or unusual angled shots. In this guide we’ll discuss the most common area of Landscape Photography – the natural world.

Digital Landscape Tutorials

Constant evolution of technology within the digital photography market has provided us with the opportunity to go further than ever before with our work. Combining new technology with advanced techniques and more ‘know how’ means that even the amateur is now capable of producing mind-blowing results.


Whether captured on canvas, paper or in as a digital image, landscapes have always been a great artistic theme for photographers. We have and always will be inspired by our surroundings, its colors, shapes, contrasts and impacts. However, producing these results is not easy, even with the digital equipment readily available to us in todays market. It takes technique and more importantly it takes imagination and flair. I will talk you through some digital landscape photography techniques now…

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